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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


c. REUTERS/Stringer/indonesia
A view of Meulaboh town after Sunday massive earthquake and the powerfull tsunami, January 1, 2005. The disaster is now known to have killed more than 80,000 people on northern Sumatra island, all but a handful of them in Aceh. Officials say the final toll may exceed 100,000. The world poured money into tsunami-battered Asia on Saturday, six days after the massive earthquake off the Indonesian island of Sumatra triggered giant tsunami waves. The death toll stood at nearly 127,000 and was expected to rise. -- Dudi Anung / State Secretariat

Jadi ingat ya kalo kita ini cuma debu di hadapanNya. Masjidnya masih berdiri tegak loh...nungguin yang mau datang. Nurul
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