Jendela Luluk

Thursday, October 28, 2004


New Version of Beatles 'Yesterday'

I.T. troubles seemed so far away,
Now the virus looks as though its here to stay,
Oh I believe in Yesterday.

There's not half the files there used to be,
There's a deadline hanging over me,
The system crash came suddenly.

Why the memory's low
I don't know,
Support couldn't say.
I pressed something wrong, now I long for yesterday.

Work not saved for early get-a-way,
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh I believe in Yesterday
My mail, had the worm, now I know but, I wouldn't say.
I don't-know where my data's gone,
now I long for Yesterday ay ay ay

No-back-up-made cos I had games to play
Now I 'm looking up the severance pay
Oh I believe in Yesterday.

~mohon maaf kepada The Beatles, saya dapet email ini dari temen TNUK, hehe.. ;p

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